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NorthStone® Lean Six Sigma

Know Where You Are
Whether you desire to grow revenue, open a new market, or install new technology, your organization must act to change the status quo. However, in order to distinguish running in place from real progress, you must know your starting point. Our assessments focus on teams, organizational culture, and individuals, depending on the need identified. Within a rigorous framework based on years of experience, our assessment services are designed to be customized easily to your specific circumstances.

NorthStone uses a personalized, qualitative approach to assessments. We conduct confidential individual and small group interviews to gain the best understanding of your organizationís current situation. Assessment results are reported out in person to allow for meaningful dialogue.

For specific NorthStone® Assessment Services, click or scroll down: Organization & Culture Assessment, 360-Degree Individual Assessment, Team Assessment.

NorthStone® Organization & Culture Assessment

When your organization undergoes change, understanding its shared assumptions and beliefs is as important as knowing its individual and collective skills. Our detailed assessment gives you a broadbased review of your organization's abilities, values and habits; identifies key issues; highlights gaps between the "expressed" culture (the way things should be) and the "actual" culture (the way things are); and presents recommendations based on your organization's stated objectives.

NorthStone® 360-Degree Individual Assessment

The NorthStone® 360-Degree Leadership & Management Assessment is the first step in our Executive Coaching, but we offer it also as a stand-alone service. This qualitative assessment of your current perceived strengths and gaps identifies patterns in your leadership attributes and provides you with guidance on leadership abilities required by your specific circumstances.

NorthStone® Team Assessment

The NorthStone® Team Assessment gives you and your team a candid review of your current decision-making, leadership and management capabilities. The results provide a baseline to determine, within the context of your goals, those areas where the team excels, areas that need improvement, and what specific steps are recommended to close identified gaps.

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