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NorthStone® Decision Making Services

Deciding is the bridge between planning and implementation. In today's highly uncertain environment, effective decision making means having a clear and widely understood Strategic Intent, an explicit understanding of your assumptions, and the organizational and cultural flexibility to respond to the unexpected. The productivity gains from effective decision making are substantial; according to Harvard Business Review, businesses can lose 37% of their overall productivity due to breakdowns in the planning to execution cycle. At NorthStone we have experience with many different decision making models; we know that each can work, and each has limitations. Whether you want to make decisions more quickly, want to ensure that everyone in your organization uses the same decision frameworks, or want to be more efficient in moving from decision to execution, NorthStone can help. We work with you to define what specific tools and structure that meet your goals, will work within your current environment, and help you identify the steps to make your organization more effective.

Business Portfolio Management

NorthStone has developed a rigorous method to assist organizations making complex decisions. In these situations, your organization must make several decisions at the same time, there are typically multiple alternatives for each decision, and there are uncertainties around some of the outcomes. You may face a complex decision because of a change in strategy, or simply because the annual budget cycle is forcing decisions about allocating your limited resources. NorthStone's Business Portfolio Management (BPM) helps you select the combination of initiatives and programs that offers the best overall business value for your organization. BPM allows you to evaluate dissimilar opportunities, compare their contribution to your strategic intent, and ascertain the likelihood of projected results. BPM focuses comprehensively on choosing the right things to do, and doing them in a way that creates business value instead of just capability. BPM is the forum for your executives to lead the organization by actively managing its portfolio. In deciding where to invest the organization's resources, they re-examine decisions based on new information and re-allocate resources based on new opportunities. For more information, contact us!

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