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NorthStone® Strategic Planning Services

There are many strategic planning frameworks, each having strengths and weaknesses depending on the circumstances of the organization using it and on the environment that organization is in. At NorthStone we work with you to select and use the strategy framework that best allows your executive team to answer two fundamental questions: "What is success?" and "How will we know when we achieve it?" Defining your Strategic Intent is essential; it provides constant direction to everyone in your company, and becomes the decision making backbone for the organization. Whether you are updating your existing business processes or engaged in a major strategic transformation, we work with you to refine the context, select the appropriate tools and methods, define success and measures, and frame the implementation so that your organization can understand it and act on it. NorthStone's partners are former executives with decades of operating experience across a diverse range of industries and organizations. We've done this stuff for a long time, we know that business value is ultimately what matters, and we understand that people and behavior are central to effective implementation of any strategic planning process.

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