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What We Do

NorthStone helps organizations succeed by reliably doing the right things and doing them well. Our partners are all former executives; we've been in your shoes. Results are ultimately what matters, and we fine-tune our approach to help you achieve the results you want. At its core, our approach is simple: get everyone focused on the same goal, make decisions and take actions which support that goal, and build your organization's leadership muscle to sustain the effort required for lasting success.

Successful execution is distinguished by three fundamentals:
  • Clear direction
  • Decisions and actions consistent with that direction
  • Effective leadership along the way


What is most important? When everyone knows your strategic intent, decisions and actions line up, and results improve. When people can't articulate intent in simple terms, the sum of their actions reflect confusion from multiple objectives; results suffer. NorthStone helps you define intent so that everyone in your organization understands what needs to get done.


What you choose to do matters. Your strategy is defined by what you are doing right now, by the decisions your organization makes and the resources you commit. Executing the wrong things, or decisions that take too long will keep your organization from achieving the results you want, and progress is stopped cold by decisions that aren't executed. Our work integrates strategic and tactical goals using tools compatible with your existing business processes, increasing the effectiveness, speed, and durability of decisions, and linking them to actions and measurable outcomes.


What your leaders must provide that process cannot. Achieving results and creating value requires engaged and prepared leaders who can communicate effectively, respond quickly, and do the right things. Individual skills and abilities are only part of the answer; most people have them or can acquire them. The challenge is engaging people to commit their skills and abilities to your organization's strategic intent. NorthStone is committed to helping you create sustainable success.


A learning organization continuously improves. Your organization's greatest strength is your people. Your employees know what works, what needs improved, and have innovative ideas to move you to the next level. NorthStone has the expertise, facilitation skill, and tools to help engage your employees in designing new processes to improve workflow efficiencies, reduce cost, and improve the customer experience to achieve organic growth.

Why NorthStone Group?

Our partners are all former executives with decades of experience across a diverse range of industries and organizations. We have been in your shoes, we know what works. The only way to effectively communicate and transfer these skills is working with you on the real problems your organization faces right now. We believe business value is ultimately what matters and our services help you achieve the results you want.

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