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NorthStone® Leadership Development Services

Strong positive leadership is the glue that gives an organization purpose, direction and the results you want and need. NorthStone’s clear experience is that leadership, and the development of both current and up-coming leaders, is the critical component to success in an organization. Independent research (Manchester Inc.) found that investment in leadership development yields 5.7X return as measured by productivity, quality, and shareholder value. Thus, everything we do has leadership development as the underlying base for setting direction, making and executing decisions that are aligned with the direction set. We customize our delivery to the requirements and challenges of each client.

NorthStone's partners are former executives with decades of operating experience. We understand your circumstances because we have sat in your chair. We also have years of experience coaching senior level decision-makers from around the world. This combination of operating and coaching experience, complemented by our diverse backgrounds, uniquely qualifies us to help leaders develop their potential. We know that coaching is a process, not an event, and we are committed to making sure that each participant succeeds.

Coaching is becoming mainstream for a very good reason: it delivers substantial business value. In a study by the International Personnel Management Association, adding coaching quadrupled the average productivity increase compared to training alone (88% vs. 22%). NorthStone offers executive, team, and business coaching, as well as our Coaching Boot Camp where we teach your leaders how to be more effective when they coach employees.

NorthStone® Executive Coaching

Through our executive coaching service, we work with you via regular, directed conversations to identify and solve critical issues and to improve your leadership abilities. Executive coaching is usually conducted over a six month period and begins with a NorthStone 360 degree assessment. This qualitative assessment allows us to identify perceived strengths, gaps, and patterns in your leadership attributes so that we can tailor our approach to your specific circumstances. We also offer similar coaching to leaders who are entering a new role or facing major organizational transformation.

NorthStone® Business and Organizational Coaching

NorthStone provides business coaching, differentiated by its primary focus on the needs of the business or organization, particularly in matrixed situations, while also providing benefits to the individuals involved. Business coaching begins with an assessment which allows NorthStone and the client to identify and agree on goals and objectives. The scope of these engagements can vary widely depending on the situation, ranging from a few hours per week of advisory services, to intensive work with an extended team.

NorthStone® Intergenerational Leadership Development

NorthStone offers families and family businesses a customized program to develop leadership abilities and traits within and across generational groups of a family. While families and their business may offer their rising generations’ technical development from a variety of sources, we focus on the specifics of leadership development using core leadership principles that are common to all. We fully integrate and customize this program to the unique circumstances of the families, their business and what other developmental programs they may be undertaking. Our program combines seminars on the core leadership traits and attributes, individual and small group team learning, experiential modules and extensive individual and small group coaching. The length and intensity of this program depends on the desired outcomes, number of participants, and integration with technical training.

NorthStone® Strategic Leadership Forum

The NorthStone® The NorthStone Strategic Leadership Forum (SLF) is a comprehensive leadership development program designed to be delivered to a team within your organization. NorthStone SLF combines leadership seminars and team coaching of the participants delivered at your location, focused on solving current business issues in your organization. SLF provides managers across your organization with a structured yet customized framework in which to develop leadership abilities, share experiences and strengthen communication among different functional areas. The team coaching aspect is built on the team’s work with current business issues and includes full team and small group coaching sessions as appropriate.

NorthStone® Coaching Boot Camp

The NorthStone Coaching Boot Camp trains your leaders and managers to be effective coaches within your organization. The two day hands on seminar is customized to each client’s needs and delivered onsite. The Boot Camp uses active discussion, case studies, role playing and small group work to introduce participants to coaching best practices. The most important element of Coaching Boot Camp is the individual and small group follow-up sessions which reinforce the skills introduced during the seminar, allowing each participant to refine their abilities and effectively apply what they have learned.

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